Innovative Waste Treatment Leads to High-Quality Products

View Part 1 - GORE® COVER
Part 1 - GORE® COVER
Bio-waste in the EU
View Part 2 - GORE® COVER
Part 2 - GORE® COVER
Sink or source?
View Part 3 - GORE® COVER
Part 3 - GORE® COVER
Why we need compost
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Part 4 - GORE® COVER
Addressing the needs for the production of high-quality compost
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Part 5 - GORE® COVER
System Solution - Environmental Benefits

GORE® Cover stands for a comprehensive aerated system proven in multiple sites. It is equipped with an oxygen controlled, positively aerated system and an oxygen and temperature monitoring device. This creates ideal composting conditions within the heap while efficiently trapping odors and other emissions such as dust and VOCs. This results in a higher throughput on a smaller footprint of composting area – with little energy consumption and human involvement. Biological washing and filtration is not necessary. GORE® Cover is approved and proven in more that 150 composting plants in more than 20 countries. GORE® Cover meets the strictest of regulatory requirements worldwide. Facilities using GORE® Cover are fully comparable with established technologies – without the need for expensive buildings and bio-filtering installations.

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