System Uniform – Concept Design Technical Rescue 2030

Developed in collaboration with the GORE-TEX PROFESSIONAL Garment Center Team

System Uniform - Concept Design Technical Rescue 2030

Pauline Schmidt, graduated from Textile Design Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg,  University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany, developed a design concept "System Uniform - Concept Design Technical Rescue 2030" as part of her master thesis. The aim of this thesis was to develop a clothing concept that would provide impetus and ideas for the future. At the beginning there was the research to grasp this very complex subject area and to make it tangible. This is the only way to understand the needs of technical and humanitarian aid workers in the field and to derive requirements for their clothing. In retrospect, this was probably the most important step in developing a well-thought-out concept that combines function and aesthetics in the field of clothing.

The three core aspects of design, comfort, and sustainability on which this concept is based make "System Uniform - Concept Design Technical Rescue 2030" innovative, as these aspects will influence us now and in the future. These focal points are in an interplay within the concept, interpenetrate each other and reinforce each other positively.

In view of current developments in the world, it is important to keep up with the times, especially in the area of design for technical and humanitarian aid workers, in order to offer the people behind the organizations protection and comfort in their missions with a future-oriented clothing concept.