Fitness-for-use Test in a Simulated Reconnaissance Mission

Two former special forces soldiers tested the GORE-TEX stretch rain suit

GORE-TEX Stretch rain suit

The new GORE-TEX stretch rain suit for defense applications is a true game-changer for military personnel. Soldiers must run, climb, crawl, or operate weapons in any weather and often with limited space. They must be able to rely on their equipment, including their clothing. Gore research found that lower thermal burden and greater freedom of movement are two of the top user requirements. The new product technology is constructed in a way that elastic components are placed between a stretch membrane and robust polyamide face fabrics. The result is that the stretchability of up to 20% allows garment designs with a more tailored fit. Tighter fitting leads to reduced air gaps between the body and the outer shell and thus increased breathability by up to 25% as compared to current GORE-TEX rain suits.  

Two former special forces soldiers tested the garment not only in a parkour setting but also in a simulated reconnaissance mission! Here's their story!

Simulated reconnaissance mission
GORE-TEX Stretch Defense
Simulated reconnaissance test mission
Fitness-for-use in a parkour environment plus simulated reconnaissance mission
GORE-TEX Stretch Defense
Parkour and simulated reconnaissance mission

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