Gore Inspires Manufacturers of Protective Clothing With New Design Trends

"Street Operator"

Beginning of 2021, GORE-TEX Professional identified megatrends that are likely to have a significant impact on the workwear and protective clothing industry by 2025 (https://news.goretexprofessional.com/en/gore-identifies-workwear-megatrends/ ). Building on its existing research in design trends, GORE-TEX Professional is now going one step further and aims to inspire its manufacturers of protective clothing with new designs. This was preceded by intensive research into current and future market needs using focus groups. These interview results were then grouped into three distinct design concepts for workwear and PPE: “Heritage Handyman”, “High Performer” and “Street Operator”.

Leonhard Schlichting, Business Leader Workwear at Gore
From our discussions with end users and through focus groups, we know that the subject of design is becoming increasingly more important. Protective clothing should not only be safe and comfortable, but also stylish - only then will workers feel really good and wear it in all work situations. Our new design trends offer our manufacturing workwear customers inspiration and food for thought.
Leonhard Schlichting, Business Leader Workwear at Gore
"Heritage Handyman"

The “Heritage Handyman” concept shows protective clothing with traditional looks and the latest functionality - robust and comfortable at the same time.

"High Performer"

“High Performer” offers an innovative solution for work clothing: sophisticated details and durable materials - a combination of active performance wear that meets protective clothing.

"Street Operator"

“Street Operator” is exposed to constant safety and weather-related challenges in the outdoors and relies on protective clothing that provides high visibility coupled with robust and functional design elements.

"Heritage Handyman"

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