Blog by Andreas Marmsoler

Interschutz Recap

For me personally, it was the first INTERSCHUTZ fair. I liked the atmosphere and enjoyed meeting colleagues, talking to firefighters and technical rescue workers, and informing journalists about our latest product innovations. I saw the curiosity in people's eyes as they touched and tried out the new GORE-TEX Professional prototypes. I saw astonished looks when artist Stefanie Millinger performed extraordinary stretching exercises with our new product technology. Some visitors to our booth dared to enter the virtual lab with VR goggles, while others enjoyed our delicious cocktails. It was a very ordinary trade show, the kind you've known for decades but haven't experienced in person for two years. But it wasn't quite ordinary after all: I myself was completely surprised that trade fair visitors came running into Hall 15 at 9 a.m. sharp, as if there was a disaster somewhere. Nothing there, every morning at the stand of GORE-TEX Professional customers HAIX were distributed several hundred backpacks for free and the fair visitors did not want to miss them - the queue stretched through the entire hall. Needless to say, I didn't get a backpack, but maybe I'll get one at the next INTERSCHUTZ in 2026! See you there and enjoy the review!