New GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit Redefines Comfort and Protection

Katja Christof, Product Specialist at GORE-TEX Professional

The new GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit really is a game changer in personal protection for public order policing. 

Katja Christof, Product Specialist at GORE-TEX Professional

GORE-TEX Professional (Gore) has set a new standard in personal protection for policing public order events with the launch of its lightweight, durable, waterproof and flame-retardant GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit.


To operate effectively, officers need to have full confidence and trust that their gear will protect them from the most extreme risks if a situation escalates quickly.  The GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit provides reliable protection from sudden incidental heat, flash fire, chemical penetration and inclement weather.

The GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit is inherently flame retardant and has been proven in independent test to protect the wearer from incidental heat and flash fire associated with petrol bombs and exploding cars. The suit also protects from common chemicals, including gasoline and most diluted acids and alkalis.

Working long shifts outside in in heavy, cumbersome gear can be very uncomfortable for officers. The GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit is lightweight and wears and feels like regular rainwear, delivering high levels of comfort for long periods of wear outside. It is less stiff and more flexible than traditional fire-resistant fabrics and absorbs less water so that it dries quicker. 


It is vital that officers have the best protection to prevent their concentration levels being inhibited by becoming too hot, wet or cold, hampering their decision making in rapidly changing situations. The GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit is waterproof, windproof and breathable, keeping the wearer dry from the outside elements while allowing sweat to pass out through the garment in warm conditions. This helps officers to keep their focus on the task at hand.


Katja Christof, Product Specialist at GORE-TEX Professional said: “The new GORE-TEX PYRAD® Riot Suit really is a game changer in personal protection for public order policing. It delivers the critical protection required from the most extreme risks such as incidental flash fire, while at the same time achieving high levels of comfort and freedom of movement. The lightweight fabric eliminates the traditional compromise between comfort and protection in a suit that is designed to achieve consistently high levels of performance throughout its operational lifetime.”


The new suit will withstand the toughest conditions with high resistance to abrasion and almost no pilling, and is available in a wide range of colors.

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