Baptism of fire for technical rescue innovation

Part 2 - Fitness-for-use testing at GORE-TEX Professional. Blog by Andreas Marmsoler

Car extrication Part 2

Technical rescuers are faced with the task of not knowing in advance what exactly they will encounter during a mission. Christophe Didelot, product specialist at GORE-TEX Professional for technical rescue, has worked out two corresponding scenarios in which stinging flames can occur during technical operations. The tests were performed by a professional stunt team in a controlled environment, secured by fire fighters.

Car accident with jet flame

In a car accident, liquid leaks from the car, which can ignite due to the heat and form a flash fire. Jacket and pants with GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® Stretch product technology were tested. Special effects expert Jan Singh simulated this pilot flame with a gas cartridge that exploded and continued to burn afterward, simulating the fire fighter catch at work next to car getting on fire.


Explosion in a building

In search and rescue or exploration activities, technical rescuers can be surprised by an explosion or a flash fire when opining a door: windows can burst and liquid can hit the jacket or pants and continue to burn. This is typical after a major disaster or a basement investigation without real visible fire. Jacket and pants with GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® Stretch product technology  were again being tested.

How did the garment protect the wearer with burning liquid on top of the surface after the flammable liquid spreads over the garment by the explosion?
Jan Singh simulated a flash fire exposure with a spread of 0,5 liter of gasoline/diesel mixture that explodes in a funnel set up in front of the stuntman a catch fire while spread on the stuntman. The flammable liquid continued to burn on the outside of the garment and the stuntman simulated how to extinguish the burning liquid, while the garment remained fully intact.