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GORE-TEX Professional Inspires Manufacturers of Protective PYRAD® Clothing With New Design Trends

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Working closely with manufacturers and users of protective workwear, GORE-TEX Professional (Gore) has deep insights into the needs of wearers. Now, the functional apparel specialist has combined its expertise in workwear design trends with innovative PYRAD® technology. It protects industrial workers and people in the energy supply industry from the thermal hazards of electrical arcing, flames, and heat

High-tech safety materials ensure that electrical engineers and industrial workers can rely on their personal protective equipment (PPE). But time and again PPE is perceived as complicated, often heavy, and uncomfortable. This can lead to it not being worn, or not being worn correctly and as a result the protective function is also impaired.

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Consulting starts with design and cut

With its design ideas, GORE-TEX Professional inspires the industry and supports PPE manufacturers in implementing state-of-the-art protective clothing. Because design and cut are becoming increasingly important for wearer acceptance.

Up-to-date design, ergonomic cut, well thought-out details, and lightweight high-tech materials that are pleasant to the touch ensure that PYRAD® jackets and trousers garments provide optimum protection and are extremely comfortable to wear. The more comfortable people feel in their PPE, the more focused their performance is at work. Only when worn correctly does it protect the user and the environment.

What wearers want - modern, lightweight PPE

From wearer trials, testing and feedback discussions, it is clear that wearer comfort and modern design is a key demand for end users and procurers. Workers want to wear modern and comfortable safety clothing in a professional environment, in the same way they wear functional and contemporary garments for sports and leisure.

What already exists in the workwear sector is now also possible for highly functional PPE. Gore has developed ideas that combine material science, technological knowledge, and design for high-performance PYRAD® protective workwear, illustrating what modern PPE can look like today.

Protective clothing with GORE-TEX PYRAD® product technology is durably waterproof and windproof, at the same time breathable and up to 45% lighter than conventional PPE within the same protection class. The garment can be combined as needed: offered with a 2-layer laminate in the form of lightweight, quick-drying rainwear for indoors and outdoors, or with a 3-layer laminate for extreme weather situations. Comfort Mapping -  (this considers the distribution of heat and moisture production in various parts of the body and uses contrasting textile materials for different parts of the garment) - prevents overheating on warm days or during heavy work. Assorted colour combinations, such as high visibility with solid colours, are also available. The arc rated protective clothing also integrates design elements from outdoor sports such as body-hugging cuts, ergonomically shaped sleeves, smart pocket solutions and detachable hoods.

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Interview with GORE-TEX Professional designer Reza Jamshidi-Azad

How did you go about identifying these trends for PYRAD® protective workwear?

We talked to users of workwear and protective clothing about comfort, function, materials, and product details - and had them explain to us what their job looks like and what their needs are. At the same time, we keep a close eye on what is happening in fashion and sports.

Which professional groups are addressed by the different design trends?

Basically, all occupational groups that need PPE can avail themselves of all trends with the appropriate elements.

Why is it increasingly important that PPE not only protects, but is also stylish?

People love stories. And storytelling is also increasingly happening through clothing. It is a way of expressing pride in belonging to a particular company. What brands are in fashion, the factors of fit and design are in workwear. Ultimately, this is exactly what affects how PPE works: If it is comfortable and pleasing, the PPE will be worn gladly, continuously, and correctly - and can fully fulfill its protective function.

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PYRAD® Technology at a glance

·         innovative by physical effect: PYRAD® fabric technology, together with the outer fabric, forms a stable, gap-free char layer in the event of an arc fault or high heat and flame, effectively inhibiting heat flow while maintaining mechanical integrity.

·         light and flexible, pleasant to the touch

·         inherently and permanently arc, heat and flame resistan

·         waterproof (only GORE-TEX PYRAD® protective clothing), windproof, breathable

·         can be combined with different textiles like nylon or polyester

For outdoor use in the rain: GORE-TEX PYRAD® Protective Clothing

GORE-TEX PYRAD® garments with arc flash protection are durably waterproof. It remains relatively lightweight even in the rain and ensures consistent comfort. The protective clothing is up to 45% lighter than comparable flame-retardant, waterproof textiles when wet and dry, making it much more comfortable to wear, which increases wearer acceptance.

For outdoor and indoor work on warm, dry days: PYRAD® by GORE-TEX LABS

Protective clothing with PYRAD® by GORE-TEX LABS technology is up to 50% lighter than comparable textiles with arc flash protection, offering noticeably more freedom of movement without compromising protection. The single-layer, windproof and breathable fabric is also comfortable to wear all day in dry working conditions and moderate temperatures, as body heat does not accumulate even during physical activity.

GORE-TEX PYRAD® as well as PYRAD® by GORE-TEX LABS protective clothing with arc flash protection Class 2 is certified for a number of European standards, first and foremost EN-61482-1-2 protective clothing for live working with thermal hazards caused by electric arcs. In addition, it meets other standards for protection against heat and flame, protection during welding and related processes, high-visibility warning clothing, protection against liquid chemicals, electrostatic properties and, last but not least, durability against washing cycles.

Gore revolutionised the apparel industry 40 years ago with its waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric and remains a leading innovator in performance apparel. Gore products offer comfort and protection in harsh environments and in everyday life, so that wearers can achieve and experience more and more safely and with full confidence. From hiking in the pouring rain to military operations and firefighting, Gore's deep understanding of consumer and industry needs drives the development of products with significant performance benefits. www.goretexprofessional.com/uk


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